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Those Healed Give Thanks

    Nov 21, 2012

    Passage: Luke 17:11-19

    Preacher: Vicar A.J. Espinosa

    Category: Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday


    I. The call to thankfulness

    a. The world is full of calls to thankfulness

    i. Hallmark and TV: We should be more thankful.

    ii. Luke 17:11-19: another call to thankfulness?

    b. Thankfulness: a happiness strategy

    i. The world's thankfulness is inherently selfish

    ii.Thankfulness is a means to an end

    c. Thankfulness in contemporary nihilism

    i. Inspired by and an enlightened form of Homeric polytheism

    ii.Dreyfus and Kelly use metapoiesis to cultivate thankfulness

    Who are we thankful to?

    d. It matters who we’re thankful to.

    i. Where we direct thanks affects our behavior

    ii. Luke 17:11-19: who should you thank?

    e. “Your faith has made you well” (v 19).

    i. Not merely “healed” (cf. 17:17, 19:10)

    ii.Indicator that the topic is the identity of Jesus (cf. 7:36ff, 8:40ff, 18:35ff)

    II. Thankful to Christ a. Giving thanks to Christ changes our behavior

    i. Moderation and generosity

    ii.Scripture and Catechism at the dinner table

    b. Giving thanks to God in the flesh

    i. Eucharist is from the Greek Εὐχαριστία “thanksgiving”

    We thank God in the most direct and personal way.