Saint Paul's Lutheran Church of Irvine

Lent is Coming! Our Upcoming Wednesday Night Sermon Series Lent 2012

The Theme for our Wednesday night services is “Confession and Holy Absolution — The Keys in Action.”

We will gather at Pastor Espinosa’s home every Wednesday night beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd at 6 pm for soup suppers and 7 pm for worship.

The services include:

Ash Wednesday, February 22nd:     “We Are Ashes (Job 2 — Job in the Ashes)”

Lent 2, February 29th:                          “Our Need: Living as Sinner-Saints (2 Sam 12 — Nathan goes to David)”

Lent 3, March 7th:                                   “The Paralysis of Sin/The Power of Forgiveness (Mark 2:1-12)”

Lent 4, March 14th:                                 “The Keys of the Church: Binding and Loosing (Matt. 16, Matt. 18)”

Lent 5, March 21st:                                  “The Office of the Keys: Jesus’ Breath and Words (John 20)”

Lent 6, March 28th:                                 “Personal Absolution: Forgiveness Applied (John 8:2-11-the woman                                                                                         caught in adultery)”

We are excited to participate in a pulpit exchange program with some other LC-MS pastors and congregations. We will welcome four (4) different pastors who will proclaim God’s Word during this coming Lenten season. I will preach on Ash Wednesday and on one of the five following services. This promises to be a rich Lenten season at Saint Paul’s. Please come and invite a friend to these services. Remember soup suppers every Wednesday at 6 pm and then service at 7 pm.

In Christ,


Dr. Espinosa

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