Saint Paul's Lutheran Church of Irvine

Tomorrow at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church of Irvine (LC-MS): “What Are You Working For?” (John 6:22-35)

Dear Christian Friends,


Here is an excerpt for what is coming up in about 10 hours:


How familiar this popular approach to God really is. When people really want something, what kind of advice do they usually get? “Just follow your heart!” That is, just assume that whatever you want, must be what you should possess. We are taught that you can have and do whatever you want…you only need to want it bad enough. This might be true for certain civil realm endeavors, such as earning a college degree, or perhaps landing a certain job, or perhaps even winning the affections of someone you love, but this philosophy does not apply to Christ. We cannot become bloodsuckers towards God and believe that our religion is based on coaxing God, or impressing Him so as to get from Him what we want. There is nothing we can do to “work” God into tickling our fancies. When it comes to Christ, our entire approach dear brothers and sisters in Christ must be different. For starters, we must know that there is no approaching God unless God draws us to Himself (John 6:44).


It is monumentally important for us to understand that being a Christian does not know its emphasis in living in terms of trying to please God, but to contrary, emphasizes that in Christ, God is already pleased with you. Being a Christian is not so much about striving for good as it is knowing that in Christ you are good. Being a Christian is not for those who come to church to do “what is right,” but for those who desire to taste and see once again that God makes them right in Christ.


If what I just said seems confusing, then allow me to put it this way: being a Christian is not based on your work/what you work out; but based on God’s work/what God works out. Just consider Christ’s earthly ministry. When He healed the sick, the sick did not heal themselves. When He gave sight to the blind, the blind did not give sight to themselves. When He fed the hungry, the hungry relied on His work to feed them. The LORD’s modus operandi has not changed in 2012. God is after-all immutable. He still comes today and He still works His work.


I hope to see you in God’s house!


Dr. Espinosa

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