Saint Paul's Lutheran Church of Irvine

Tomorrow Sunday June 28th, 2015 at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church of Irvine: “Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace” (2nd Corinthians 8:1-9)

Divine Service: 9:30 am

Bible Study and Sunday School will be cancelled tomorrow due to our special fellowship event: we are saying farewell and Godspeed to our organist/choir-director for these past 4 years, Karissa Lystrup, who has been a phenomenal blessing to us at Saint Paul’s! She will be missed! 

Location: Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine: 12500 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine, CA 92618

Directions: Exit Sand Canyon from the 405 or 5, head East towards the hills, cross Irvine Blvd., turn right on Saint’s Way (this will put you on the campus of Crean Lutheran High School…we worship in the event center/gym)


Dear Christians,

The season of Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit given to us, the people of God. The life that He creates in us is a life that knows the grace of God in super-abundance!
“Grace” = God’s FREE gift of love and mercy!
Some have suggested an acronym to better understand the meaning of “grace”:
In 2nd Corinthians 8:1-9, however, the grace of God is not ONLY described as coming from God to us, but ALSO as coming from His people — all of you — towards other people! This section of God’s Word is packed with grace!
Come and hear about this transforming work of God in our lives, esp. as it pertains to the outpouring of help to those in need through the people of God…all of YOU!
We will also receive the body and blood of our Savior to keep us in God’s gift of new and eternal life!
ALSO: we will have many additional celebrations!
Tomorrow we will celebrate a baptism (for Braydon Kaupke) and a confirmation (for Karissa Lystrup).
In addition, we will conduct a service of Farewell and Godspeed for our dear Karissa! Afterwards, we will enjoy fellowship as God’s family as we thank Karissa for her wonderful service these past 4 years and wish her well as she prepares to start serving full-time at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Bakersfield, CA.
Hope to see you God’s house tomorrow morning!
Here is an excerpt from tomorrow’s sermon:

Not only was St. Paul the tireless apostles to the Gentiles, but he was also amazing in another ministry: the collection of money for the poor, especially the poor in the sacred city of Jerusalem, for the converted Jews who were especially ostracized and persecuted. So what does St. Paul do? He encouraged the Christians in Corinth to give to the church in Jerusalem and he does so by informing them about the example of the Christians in Macedonia, the region that included the cities of Philippi, Thessalonica and Berea. But their testimony is absolutely staggering and most likely humbling for every one of us here this morning: the churches in Macedonia were not wealthy. They were in fact very poor.


St. Paul says that the Christians in Macedonia went through “the most severe trial.” (verse 2) We may conjecture that “the most severe trial” was produced by virtue of two main things: 1) The Romans in the process of making it one of their provinces in 146 B.C. discovered gold and silver and had no loss of conscience in taking it from the natives, essentially looting their once great wealth; and 2) Civil wars which decided who would be emperor were fought there and Macedonia had been devastated.


And yet, the Word of God goes on to record something absolutely astounding about these poor and ravaged Macedonians: though they were very poor, St. Paul says this at verse 2:


“Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.”


This is such an incredible statement if for no other reason than because it appears nonsensical. How on earth does rich generosity come out of extreme poverty? That sounds like getting water out of a dry well.

Here ends the excerpt. Please come tomorrow and hear the full sermon. God’s grace works beyond our limitations; God’s grace connects us to Jesus and His is an endless supply!
In Jesus’ Love,
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